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Liquidity and Pool Based Staking Portals Are Now COMPLETED!

This year is off to a good start!

The team at MetaGaming Guild (MGG) worked hard to bring out two (2) added features to increase the usability, growth, and trustworthiness of our ecosystem. Today, we are very proud to announce that our Liquidity Staking and Pool Based Staking portals are now completed! These features will be launched as soon as MGG is listed at exchanges.

Here are snapshots of Liquidity Staking and Pool Based Staking portals:

These portals are carefully minted in the system, highly interactive, reliable and easy to use. With these exciting new features, users can have an extra source of reward to support their play-to-earn gaming grind.

At MetaGaming Guild, we will continue to reinvent gaming finance (GameFi) and create endless opportunities for our guild members.

Indeed, it’ll be a big year ahead! We have a lot of updates and releases coming up so please stay tuned for more to come! 😉

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