DAO Gaming Guild is a community of tactical gamers.

Are you ready to Play-to-Earn?

Monetize your time and skills by playing online. Invest in NFTs. Turn in-game assets to real-world cash with DAO Gaming Guild.

Generate Revenues and More!

Invest in virtual assets and maximize your earnings through market price appreciation or by renting out your DGG-owned assets.

The Fastest Growing Yield Guild

DGG primarily operates in the Philippines, the primary market for play-to-earn-gaming. It will soon expand its reach to other global gaming markets such as India, Africa and more.

The guild aims to be the market leader in a year’s time.

DAO Gaming Guild Growth Figures



DAO Gaming Guild Growth Figures


520,676 +
SLP farmed per month

$40,000 +
Monthly Revenues

300+ Global Guild Members


9,750,000 +
SLP farmed per month

$1,000,000 +
Monthly Revenues

5,800+ Global Guild Members

Game Finance. Democratized

While Axie has made great wealth opportunities for gamers, the biggest winners are its VC backers.

DAO Gaming Guild creates opportunities beyond scholarships. We leverage our status as an active community of gamers to acquire VC-level access to the tokens of leading blockchain games.

DGG tokens are then staked to earn the purchased tokens from Gamer Vault.

The YFI of Game Finance

DGG is delivering the first solution to provide automated yield on GameFi. While DeFI yields have crashed, GameFi yields still reach a 1,000% APY.

The rates remain so high because GameFi involves active involvement. DGG addresses the market arbitrage by connecting game NFT holders with scholars. This let’s us go beyond our own assets under management, and potentially match billions of USD in deployable capital (from anyone) to scholars across the world.

Our Global Partners and Investors


“A community of tactical gamers”

-DAO Gaming Guild

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